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What is your Preference Capitalism or Socialism?


Young people’s (18-29 years old) approval rating for Capitalism is decreasing according to Gallup polling. 1


Utopian ideals of total equality and an end to human want are appealing to young people.” 2

A 2016 CBS/NY Times survey found that only 16% of millennials could accurately define what socialism is. 9


Democrats in 2018 for the first time favor Socialism over Capitalism. 1



America’s first experience with socialism caused starvation at Jamestown However “as soon as the settlers had acquired the right of owning property, they quickly developed what became the distinguishing characteristic of Americans – an aptitude for all kinds of craftsmanship coupled with the innate genius for experimentation & invention.” 3


America has been the greatest force for freedom in the history of humankind, while creating unparalleled wealth for its citizens” 2


“The number of people living in extreme poverty worldwide declined by 80% from 1970 to 2006.” "It was globalization, free trade, the boom in international entrepreneurship," American Enterprise Institute reports.  "In short, it was the free enterprise system, American style, which is our gift to the world." 4



▲ nurtures the human spirit, inspires human creativity & promotes enterprise


▲provides a powerful system of incentives that promote thrift, hard work, efficiency,     

     ingenuity & innovation


▲creates wealth & prosperity


▲is based on a free market economy, driven by supply and demand. 5


▲ Governments role is to protect your rights and the rule of law.



While it promises prosperity, equality, and security, it delivers poverty, misery, and tyranny. 8


▲Important economic decisions are made by the government through “centralized  

      planning. “ Consent & personal freedom are replaced with government power on     

      behalf of the "people". 2


▲ The individual has less incentives to work & innovate with government providing basic    



▲ Socialism is not consistent with fundamental principles of human behavior.  It ignores    

      incentives. 5   “Men who don’t benefit from their hard work tend not to work very hard.” 3


 The goal of equality has not been realized in socialist countries since most have an  

      elite class.


The myth of Nordic socialism is partially created by the confusion between Socialism

(government control/ownership of business) and the Welfare State (government-provided social safety net). 6   Venezuela is the best current example of socialism and is quickly becoming uninhabitable. 7,10,11


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