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Republican Legislature priorities K-12

"Raising NC’s average teacher pay to a projected 29th in the nation is an impressive accomplishment for Republican lawmakers who inherited a ranking of 45th from Democrats and consistently overcame their opposition to pass five consecutive state budgets that provided dramatically higher paychecks to our state’s educators."  House Speaker Tim Moore

  • NC ranked #14 in US for the percent of state budget spent on K-12 education.   2018 NEA data
  • Teacher pay ranks 2nd in the Southeast.
  • The average teacher pay raise from 2013-2019 will be approximately $8,700, a 19.3 % increase. Close to half of all public school teachers in the state will have received at least a $10,000 pay raise by the 2018-19 school year.
  • The average teacher salary for the 2018-19 school year will be roughly $53,975    NEA
  • Benefits can exceed $20,000 annually. The county supplement is an additional $6000 minimum.
  • The average beginning teacher salary in N.C. is $39,300 per school year, which is more than the average starting salary for other college graduates ($26,400) and more than the median wage for individuals in North Carolina ($30,326).
  • Republicans created the Opportunity Scholarship program, which provides low-income families up to $4,200 per year to cover expenses at a school of their choice.
  • High school graduation is up 8.4 % since 2011. Crucially, the gap in graduation rates between African American students and all students has been cut in half, from 6.4% to 3.1%. 

Democrat responses to teacher pay increases

  • Republican offers on teacher pay included a 4.9% raise plus a $1,000 bonus -- but Governor Cooper and Senate Democrats rejected it because of the Governor's Medicaid-or-nothing ultimatum.
  • Governor Cooper has vetoed every teacher pay raise that has come across his desk.

Republicans have provided teachers with the third-highest pay raise in the entire country over the last five years.

                    Wake County

Wake County's public school enrollment increased by 42 students in 2018, while state funding increased by $47 million.

* Based on 2017-18 local supplements

** Benefits reflect 24.78% of salary for retirement, retiree health benefits, disability & life insurance benefits (17.13%) and Soc. Security/Medicare (7.65%) & $5869 for the State Health Plan



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