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K-12 Education in NC

"Raising NC’s average teacher pay to a projected 29th in the nation is an impressive accomplishment for Republican lawmakers who inherited a ranking of 45th from Democrats and consistently overcame their opposition to pass five consecutive state budgets that provided dramatically higher paychecks to our state’s educators."  House Speaker Tim Moore




NC ranked #14 in US for the percent of state budget spent on K-12 education.   2018 NEA data



Teacher pay ranks 2nd in the Southeast.



The average teacher pay raise from 2013-2019 will be approximately $8,700, a 19.3 % increase. Close to half of all public school teachers in the state will have received at least a $10,000 pay raise by the 2018-19 school year.



The average teacher salary for the 2018-19 school year will be roughly $53,975    NEA



Benefits can exceed $20,000 annually. The county supplement is an additional $6000 minimum.



The average beginning teacher salary in N.C. is $39,300 per school year, which is more than the average starting salary for other college graduates ($26,400) and more than the median wage for individuals in North Carolina ($30,326).





Republicans created the Opportunity Scholarship program, which provides low-income families up to $4,200 per year to cover expenses at a school of their choice.



High school graduation is up 8.4 % since 2011. Crucially, the gap in graduation rates between African American students and all students has been cut in half, from 6.4% to 3.1%.


                    Wake County



Wake County's public school enrollment increased by 42 students in 2018, while state funding increased by $47 million.



* Based on 2017-18 local supplements

** Benefits reflect 24.78% of salary for retirement, retiree health benefits, disability & life insurance benefits (17.13%) and Soc. Security/Medicare (7.65%) & $5869 for the State Health Plan




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