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The impeachment trial comes to a screeching halt as Alaskan Sen. Lisa Murkowski announced she was a "No" vote on witnesses. Former Rep. John Delaney dropped out of the Democrat presidential primary. Admit it: you just read that and said to yourself, "Who?" The Iowa caucuses draw closer, which means there are THREE Democrat presidential debates next month. Oh joy, oh rapture. More record fundraising from the RNC, the President signed the USMCA agreement, and a new video detailing Roy Cooper's culture of corruption. Check out these stories that you may have missed before firing up the grill on Super Bowl Sunday.

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Democrats are embracing the extreme end of the, pro-choice spectrum when it comes to abortion, essentially allowing infanticide (see: racist Governor Ralph Northam). For the record, about approximately 70% of the country believes abortion should have reasonable restrictions, especially after the first trimester. Believe it or not, there are pro-life Democrats out there and are increasingly ostracized by their party. Here's one example. Fox News

Speaking of abortion, Virginia Democrats took over the legislature after the 2019 election cycle. You've undoubtedly heard about the slew of anti-Second Amendment bills that were filed and maybe you even went to the rally a couple weeks ago. Next up for the extremists in the VA legislature is undoing the same abortion restrictions the overwhelming majority of the country supports. National Review

There were several high-profile special elections in the past couple years, two of which were here in NC. You probably haven't heard about Texas HD 28, a suburban Houston district that is similar to many of the districts that swung left in 2018. Failed presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke threw tons of political clout into the race and Democrats dumped almost $1M into what they deemed a bellwether seat. They lost by 16 points. The Atlantic

Last week, the Recap shared the story about a dad confronting Sen. Elizabeth Warren about her student loan plan. It went horribly for her. She was asked about it in subsequent interviews and it didn't get any better. Take a deeper drive into her student loan debt plan here. HotAir


This was National School Choice week and there was some new polling released by NC Civitas. The numbers aren't surprising, so take a deep dive into the results so you're armed with what you need to know about school choice in North Carolina. NC Civitas

With Rep. Mark Meadows' announcement that he would not be seeking re-election for 2020, several candidates entered into the primary to replace him. There was a forum this past Sunday, so if you're in the 11th District, read up on the candidates vying for the Republican nomination. Hendersonville Lightning

The Debt Affordability Study is a yearly release from a bipartisan committee regarding the state's fiscal situation, mainly how much the state could theoretically afford to borrow via taxpayer-financed bonds: $11B. Cooper looked at that number and, like the good tax-and-spend liberal that he is, wants to borrow money we don't have. Treasury Secretary Dale Folwell is having none of itThe Center Square

Please keep the family of Charlotte attorney and Republican supporter Phil Van Hoy in your thoughts and prayers after he passed away from an apparent heart attack this past week. Should anyone wish to attend his funeral, it's tomorrow. The Charlotte Observer



Many have contested the constitutionality of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, created when the economy-killing Dodd-Frank bill passed Congress under Obama. Republicans want to get rid of it. Democrats just voted to shore it up, but fortunately the bills are DOA in the Senate. They also voted to limit the President's authority when it comes to taking action against Iran. On another note, Democrats objected to restricting the import of fentanyl, which has contributed significantly to the opioid crisis, but the bill passed on a bipartisan vote. Shows how much federal Democrats are committed to stopping the epidemic, right?

I think we all know what the Senate is focused on. This afternoon, it was announced that Sen. Lisa Murkowski, one of the more moderate Republicans in the Senate, would be a "No" on witnesses and took a shot at Sen. Elizabeth Warren's attack on Chief Justice Roberts. Essentially, the trial is over.


Both chambers are out until the April short session. However, there are interim committees that meet to discuss long-term issued that could be addressed in April. Check out the House and Senate assignments.


On Feb. 8th, the North Mecklenburg Republican Women, the Mecklenburg County Evening Republican Women, Hornets Nest Republican Men, and the Mecklenburg Young Republicans are hosting a GOP Council of State candidate forum. Details here: NC GOP Council of State Candidates Forum

BlexitNC had a successful launch over the past couple months and are headed to Boone on February 11. Check it out here: Blexit Fight To Freedom Tour - Appalachian State

February 13th is the Raleigh Republican Club's general meeting featuring any GOP candidates who are in a primary. Learn more about your candidates so you can make an informed decision for the March 3rd primary. Info here: Raleigh Republican Club

February 22nd is the Davie County GOP Lincoln Reagan Dinner. Details are here: Davie County GOP LRD

Make sure to visit the NCGOP Events page to see more events than what's listed there. There are several events coming up in counties that feature lots of local candidates that are in primaries. If you don't want to walk into the booth during primary voting this February and March, go check out these events to hear from candidates.

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Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Jeff Hauser


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