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President Trump’s Accomplishments

------------ The Economy---------------

Unemployment rate reached 3.6%, the lowest    

   in 49 years and the lowest levels ever for

Blacks               5.9%             Hispanics 4.5%

Adult Women 3.1% - lowest since 1953

Veterans          3.0% - lowest in nearly 20 years

Youth                9.6% - lowest in 50 years

Rising Wages - especially for lower-wage workers,        

     average pay increased 3% in 2018

Food Stamps - 3.9 million off Food Stamps

Economic growth hits 4.2% in 2nd quarter 2018

Soaring optimism -Consumer confidence reached its highest level In 18 Years.  Small business optimism at 35 year high.

Booming Stock Market - Stock market is at record levels = gains in retirement accounts

Tax cuts and reform - Lowered taxes for the middle class & business.  Business taxes are now more competitive with the worldwide average

Competiveness Ranking - U.S # 1 for 2018

Manufacturing  -  best year since 2004 with 491,000 jobs added 2017-18

Oil Production– the highest in US history

Net Natural Gas Exporter – 1st time in 60 years

Cutting Regulations – With a goal to cut 2 regulations for every 1 added (2:1), the ratio is now 22:1 in the first term

 --------------The Military----------------

Rebuild the Military-Approved one of the largest defense spending increases to rebuild America’s Armed Forces since Reagan. Military funding in FY 2018 $700 B & FY 2019 $716 B. Largest pay raise in 10 years

Military -Trump changed the rules of engagement for the military & the strategic timeline in Afghanistan.

 NATO fundingEach country increased spending.

Veterans- Trump signed new law allowing veterans to seek care outside broken VA system & make it easier to fire VA employees for cause.

--------------- The Country--------------

Russia Investigation – no collusion or obstruction

Reshaping the judiciary - President Trump has made the most federal judge appointments in a President’s 1st year. Two Supreme Court justices.

Repeal of the Individual Mandate

 Opioid Crisis- $6 Billion in new funding approved

Association Health Plans –A new order will allow small businesses to band together to buy insurance

 Access to Experimental Drugs- ‘Right to Try’ law gives terminally ill people access to these drugs

Signed Prison Reformbill & ended Death Tax

Border Wall - Trump is fighting to build it. Active duty troops sent to the southern border

Travel Ban- Supreme Court allows enforcement with enhanced vetting in 8 countries

End DACA- Announced plans to end DACA (Obama-era executive action protecting young illegals from deportation) while calling on Congress to take action

MS 13 gang arrests –83% increase in 2017

Illegal Aliens – Trump signed executive order for families to be held together

ICE – more than doubled the number of counties detaining criminal aliens for ICE

----------------The World----------------

 New Trade Dealswith Canada & Mexico replaced NAFTA. Opened markets to American goods elsewhere

Confronting China’s unfair trade practices with tariffs

Defeat of ISIS- ISIS's territory in Iraq and Syria is gone; the terror group has been defeated.

Iran Nuclear Deal decertified& reinstated sanctions

Pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord & Trans Pacific Partnership to remove restrictions on US growth

Announced Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital & recognized Golan Heights as Israeli territory

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