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 REPUBLICAN Legislature&Lt. Governor  - Positive Results for NC -

Pro-Growth Rankings

  #1   Most Competitive State

           Site Selection Magazine 2017 & 2018   

  #1   Best State for Business

           Forbes Magazine 2017, 2018   

  #4   Fastest wage growth


#12  Business Climate  

          Tax Foundation 2019.   Prior to Republican    

          tax reform in 2013 the rank was 44th 


Teacher pay - risen from 47th in the US in 2013 to 29th in the current year and 2nd in the Southeast

Average NC teacher salary is $53,975 in 2018-19 NEA

Largest teacher pay raise in state history, averaging 19% per teacher 2013-2019. Salaries increased in each of last 5 years

Increasing state level funding of education each year under Republicans

Exponential growth of charter schools -giving parents more choice options in public education. Removed the cap of 100 schools.



NC’S Tax Cuts are a Model for the Nation  Tax

18 Year low in unemployment rate (8.7% to 4.5%)

Among 16 states prepared for economic recession: Moody’s (2017)

AAA bond rating – among only 13 states with AAA bond rating from all 3 agencies, saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars through lower interest rates (2018)

Fuel tax cut and capped so you pay less at the pump

Inheritance tax eliminated so you can pass along your family farm or small business to the next generation

NC’s Unemployment Trust Fund surplus The debt we inherited was paid off and replaced with a $1 Billion surplus.

Rainy day fund now $1.8 Billion, best funded in the southeast

Medicaid $130 million cash surplus – fixed overspending of $2 billion


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