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 Teacher pay here has risen from 47th in the nation in 2013 to 29th in the current year and 2nd in the Southeast. 1

The estimated average NC teacher salary is $51214 & will rise to $53,394 in 2018-19

Gave the largest teacher pay raise in state history, averaging 19% per teacher 2013-2019. Salaries increased in each of last 5 years

State level funding of education increased each year under Republicans

Launched exponential growth of public charter schools thereby giving parents more choice options in public education.

Created the virtual charter school pilot program (1st in state history) to allow more student/parent choice in public education

NC Teachers are #1 in National Certification

N.C. is a national leader in protecting free speech on campus

Lower tuition attracts applicants to UNC system

NC’S Tax Cuts are a Model for the Nation  because they provide “tax cuts for both individuals and businesses, a simplified and more neutral tax system, and a revenue stream that is more reflective

of the modern economy and better prepared to withstand economic swings.”  Tax



59% reduction in unemployment rate from 8.7% rate we inherited to 4.5%, a 18 yr. low 2

NC among 16 states prepared for economic recession: Moody’s (2017)

NC is one of only 13 states to obtain a AAA bond rating from all 3 agencies saving taxpayers tens of millions of dollars through lower interest rates (2018)

The Triangle’s tech job market grew 51% over the last 5 years as of 2017

Cut and capped the fuel tax so you pay less at the pump

Eliminated the state inheritance tax, so you can pass along your family farm or small business to the next generation

Paid off NC’s Unemployment Trust Fund debt (that we inherited) and replaced it with a $1 Billion surplus

Set aside $1.8 Billion in a rainy day fund and is the best funded in the southeast.

Fixed Medicaid overspending from $2 billion in cost overruns to $130 million cash surplus



#1   Most Competitive State:

       Site Selection Magazine 2017 & 2018   

#1   Best State for Business

       Forbes Magazine 2017, 2018   

#3   Best State for Business:

       Chief Executive Magazine 2018

#4   Fastest wage growth in the nation 2016

#9   Best State for Business: CNBC 2018

#12 Business Climate Ranking

       Tax Foundation 2019.   Prior to Republican    

       tax reform in 2013 the rank was 44th.  The    

       tax burden was higher than most    

       competitor states in 2012.


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