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Treasurer Folwell’s Accomplishments


$  Maintaining NC’s triple “AAA” credit    

    rating, the highest rating possible.     

    NC is 1 of only 12 states with this rating.


$  Cutting Wall Street fees paid by NC    

     taxpayers for a projected savings of $368    

     million over four years.


$   Freezing State Health Plan family     

     premiums without dipping into reserves   

     or increasing co-pays and deductibles.


$   Leading successful effort to establish the    

     Unfunded Liability Solvency Reserve, a  

     fund that will help address the state’s $50  

     billion in unfunded pension and health    

     care liabilities.


$   Raising awareness about the lack of    

     transparency in the health care system by  

     proposing bold reforms to reduce costs  

     and make pricing information available to



$   Maintaining the NC Retirement Systems’    

     status as one of the best-funded pension   

     funds in the U.S.


$   Increasing transparency and efficiency at    

     the N.C. Department of State Treasurer.


$   Moving $15.2 billion in passive index    

     funds under in-house management as a   

     means of reducing fees while maintaining   

     performance as measured by the Russell   

     Top 200 & Mid Cap index strategies.


$   Saving the State Health Plan $35 million by    

     increasing membership in United   

    Healthcare Medicare Advantage Plans.


Paid for by Wake County Republican Party


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