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Check out the record of the current School Board:

Student Achievement - School accountability and test results for 2018-19 show an increase in the number of low performing schools while End of Grade (EOG) and End of Course (EOC) were yet again mainly stagnant or falling.

Student Projections – In 2018-19 school year 1900 students were projected, but only 42 students were added.

Student assignment plan - Parents have complained about moving students from higher to lower performing schools.

 -  Economic Health Index – The index is being proposed to be used for a new school assignment plan based on economic factors.


Programs that take time away from academic subjects

Behavior Intervention Monitoring Assessment System or BIMAS-2 - 40 schools have teachers record how often individual students are angry, depressed, engaged in risky behavior, or problems staying on task. Some parents fear that student privacy is being invaded.

Circle time - students are asked to share their feelings on a pre-selected topic for 30 minutes weekly. The topics are not academic, but rather highly sensitive and personal.

Teaching Tolerance Program - The Southern Poverty Law Center, a far left organization, is behind this new program being pushed by the school’s Office of Equity Affairs (OEA). Discover the Networks states that it is “designed to steer K-12 students

 toward the conclusion that America is an inequitable, racist, and sexist society.” The OEA program costs taxpayers $663,509 a year.

Lack of Transparency

MVP math (Math Vision Project) emphasizes students working together to solve problems instead of teachers providing direct instruction.  The School Board hid objections to the program from students, parents and teachers during the process of approving the program. Concern was expressed over declining proficiency scores.

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